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Adventures in Diet

This often-mentioned study reported on the maintenance of health on a dietary of all flesh (and fish). Stefansson first lived with Eskimo and ate as they did, after which he organised a lengthy study in New York City where he and a volunteer were fed exclusively on meat and closely monitored by medical doctors.
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Hygienic Review

Miscellaneous articles by Herbert Shelton, Christopher Gian-Cursio and others. The Hygienic Review was published by the Herbert Shelton Society. A few of these are excerpts from Shelton's books.
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The Definitive Cure of Chronic Constipation

A short essay that was almost certainly written by Arnold Ehret and not the product of either Benedict Lust or Fred Hirsch, two disciples that issued what they represented to be a bibliography of Ehret's publications. Also, find a full, accurate bibliography recently obtained by this library.
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Loss Of Soil Organic Matter And Its Restoration

Once each year over many decades the United States Department of Agriculture published a yearbook. This particular Yearbook of Agriculture, Soils and Men, is widely considered the best of the lot. And this article by William Albrecht may well be la crème de la crème. It is our hope to eventually present the entire yearbook online.
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Modern Muesli

A brief critique of what passes these days for a so-called health food. The author is from Nature's Way, a New Zealand producer of free range eggs. Perry was President of the Soil & Health Association of New Zealand for many years.
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Soil, Food, Health and Values

"If we examine our culture -- our social structures, our education, our relationships, birthing, child-rearing and consumption patterns, recreation and work, ... we can usually recognize two agendas: one that is rational, and another that is designed and maintained (usually unknowingly) to meet our compensatory needs, thereby keeping us partly in the dark and willing to continue postponing taking relevant action.
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