Synthetic Grass Can Be Eco-Friendly

The artificial grass market is growing and is now worth $2 billion, despite rising concern for the environment. You may be surprised to learn that installing the fake greenery can actually lower your carbon footprint. It stays perfect with no maintenance required, making it the ideal choice for the proud

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Blessing Or Curse: Are Waste Disposal Units Threatening Planet Earth?

Australians throw away approximately 3.1 million tonnes of edible food per year. Not disposing of food waste properly poses an enormous threat to our environment. Life on earth depends on the soil as a source for food. It is one of the most important natural resources on earth. Are we

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Mother’s Day Ideas for Vegetarian and Vegan Families

With Mother’s Day coming up, many children and spouses are wondering what they can do to make the day special for the mother in their family. A present and some flowers may not be enough, so why not dedicate the day to spending time with mom doing something that matters to her? Here are some ideas of Mother’s Day activities that are perfect for vegan and vegetarian mothers.

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