TOP-25 business ideas from America (USA)

Big Gay Ice Cream

Now it is a developed chain of cafes, although in 2009 the activity began with a small van for selling ice cream and shakes. The idea is very simple, but effective. BGIC offers original and delicious combinations of ice cream additives: lime curd, vanilla cookie crumbs, pumpkin jam. Another secret of popularity is the original and memorable names of sweets.


This is an unusual coffee shop. Its creators and visitors are fans of the band Queen. Photos of Freddie mercury and other band members hang in the hall. From time to time, one of the band's songs is played in the coffee shop. At this point, the first customer in the queue receives the ordered drink for free. The slogan of this campaign: "When Queen plays, Freddie pays!"

Booty's Street Food

The owners of this restaurant in Louisiana have traveled the world for a long time and studied the peculiarities of national cuisines. They have chosen, learned how to cook and offer their visitors the most popular, classic dishes from street vans from various countries of the world. But this is not enough for restless businessmen. The restaurant's feature is a hidden art gallery located in the restroom.

Carousel Bar

In the center of this huge bar is a real working carousel. This is an old carousel. They don't ride it. Huge photos of the most interesting and popular places of the historical Royal Street are installed on the carousel. Visitors sit around the carousel and watch the fascinating spectacle of images of local attractions changing each other. Also, the bar offers a huge number of original cocktails.

Crock Spot

The concept of the business is a van where you can order a variety of slow-cooked dishes. Initially, the couple just wanted to share their cooking skills in the way of longing-it is very tasty and allows you to save a significant part of the vitamins. The couple did not expect large profits. But the demand was very high, and entrepreneurs started opening new outlets.

Egg Slut

Translated, the name of the food truck chain means "Egg slut". The choice of the brand name was very successful, it is funny and memorable instantly. But the main feature of the business – all dishes are prepared using eggs. There are also stunningly delicious branded recipes. It turned out that many people are willing to pay for this. The network is very popular and continues to expand, opening new outlets.

Online earnings

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