The Precursors game: Overview Y8

Kiev studio Deep Shadows became known thanks to its debut project “Xenus. The boiling point , which, to be honest, turned out to be very uneven. On the one hand, the developers built impressive spaces, filled the world with many NPCs, provided the player with freedom of choice and action, gave, in the end, a lot of different equipment, from simple machines to powerful helicopters. But in a barrel of honey, the tar ladle was expected to be. Tropical adventures were full of various kinds of bugs, the world turned out to be frighteningly empty, many locations were made using secret copy / past technology, and a very powerful computer was required for normal operation. Almost immediately after the release, patches started to roll, but when “Boiling Point”finally acquired a more or less finished look, the train of progress went too far. However, despite the rough start, Deep Shadows was able to declare itself, as they say, and Xenus even had an impressive army of fans. Reviews from this point of view you will not find anywhere else, so more often look at

Developers did not stop there, promising to release a sequel, which was to become a kind of work on the bugs. And "Xenus 2: White Gold" really turned out to be much better than the original. The creators have kept all the good from the first part, have added several new products, have made the game stable. The rematch, in general, was a success, but the interesting thing is that, in parallel with the second part of "Ksenusa" in Deep Shadows pored over another original project under the name "Baptist"around which there were a variety of rumors. Someone was sure that "Xenus in space" was waiting for us, someone openly doubted that the Kievites would be able to make a sane bunch of such "heavy" genres as action, space simulator and RPG. But here are the "Forerunners" on sale, and it's time to dot the "I".

The main equalizer of weapons in the game is quite a lot, and each "barrel" can be significantly improved by increasing its lethal force, accuracy, or range. To carry out an upgrade, it is enough to buy the necessary materials from the dealer, and to fasten the acquired parts from another huckster. The most greedy, however, can learn a special skill, after which they can make improvements on their own. Another interesting innovation is organic guns. When they were created, the imagination of the developers simply knew no boundaries. For example, you can get a creature called Tenisek, which releases a deadly ray, if you scratch her, um, stomach. Another curious instance is Sinudu. This beast knows how to send impulses that reduce any organic creature, after which it is enough to give it with your heel ... Fiery greetings to dad Nyukem!

Those who expected that the new Deep Shadows project would be like the ever-memorable Xenus , in general, were not mistaken. Moreover, familiar features appear literally from the hanger - from the icon that appears on the desktop after installation - it was taken directly from the second "Xenus"unless the inscription is different. Further, of course, more. The game starts briskly: in the role of the young pilot Tris Krayten we find ourselves on some suspicious violet-blue planet, where we are immediately attacked by terrible creatures. First you have to fight off carnivorous plants, then shoot back from the vile type of beetles. The walk ends in a very intriguing way, after which, so to speak, real adventures on the “mainland” begin: the command sends Krayten to his home planet Goldin, where he (and you too) will spend the first hours getting acquainted with the new world.

However, it’s easy to get comfortable, because the “Forerunner” , as we have said, is desperately similar to the “Xenus”. Here, instead of Don Pedro, bottles of tequila and mustachioed bandits with the Kalashnikovs, flying overgrown bugs, bags of “dust” (a local drug), and huge bug-eyed spiders appeared suddenly and rushed sharply and without warning. Despite the change of scenery, little has changed. In the cities inhabited by a certain number of residents who desperately need your heroic participation. We help one to put up posters, another we bring a basket of fruit, the third we help shoot down the bandits, who have recently become very insolent. To prevent the player from getting lost while performing numerous tasks, the arrow to the map carefully indicates the path to the goals - stomp yourself in the right direction and shoot at enemies.

On the other hand, patience and, so to speak, thoughtful passage are rewarded with experience and money. The character development system, however, also completely moved from the second "Xenus". Upon reaching the next level, the hero can acquire one of the new skills, which are quite a lot. You can carry more items, master sniper shooting, become a deft cracker or learn how to handle heavy weapons. But not all abilities are useful, but many will not be useful at all. Which, however, does not prevent developers from deftly playing on simple human curiosity. It is it that forces you to complete tasks, raise the level - all in order to master this or that ability.

But the journeys on the surface of the planets themselves are quite stressful. If the cities are relatively quiet, and skirmishes happen only according to the plot, then outside the settlements there is real hell. On the same Goldin, for example, you immediately understand how much a pound of dare is when a gang of raiders suddenly flies from behind the dunes and begins to pour lead from literally all the trunks. It immediately turns out that the enemies are very smart, and it’s not easy to fight them: the villains are able to deftly deft themselves; just throw grenades; love to go from the rear, shooting almost point blank. The planets are fraught with other dangers - ferocious giant scorpions, some kind of terrible-looking mutants, who remove half of their health and other creatures with one blow. Roaming around in the Forerunnersit’s really scary, and after you give your soul to God several times, having entered into an unequal battle with the enemy, your view of the world changes somewhat. You begin, for example, to appreciate cars and other means of transportation: they are not only equipped with serious weapons, but also withstand an impressive number of hits, and, most importantly, they allow you to move much faster. Given that the distances between the settlements are several kilometers, plus an important one. However, even the strongest car can still be blown up, so it’s worth buying spare tires in advance in order to replace the punched ones in time, and don’t forget to repair the iron horse at the service stations.

Repair, like ammunition, is quite expensive, so the lack of money in the Forerunnersconstantly interferes with life (unless, of course, you use a known bug). Although there are quite a few ways to earn money (for example, by completing numerous quests), the surest one is to systematically collect things falling from the dead, take them to the merchant, and make a substantial sum of money for it. Here, by the way, the car will come in handy again, because the hero is able to carry a little on his hump, so you have to put the junk in the trunk.

The ground part regularly causes a storm of conflicting emotions. On the one hand, the developers really managed to create interesting planets, build them up with cities, populate with unusual creatures, and come up with interesting missions. In addition, you feel uncomfortable, to put it mildly, outside the borders of cities: enemies can attack at any moment, and every skirmish is a pretty serious test. And if you are "lucky" to find yourself in the middle of the desert without vehicles and cartridges, then it becomes really scary. It almost came to create a very strong atmosphere, but, alas, the key word here is "almost." The trouble is that the atmosphere is constantly torn at the seams due to some stupid mistakes and shortcomings. Then suddenly the enemy will drop into a tree and stupidly try to break through it - it remains to run to the idiot, beat his brains out and get free transport. That hero himself will fall waist-deep into the ground. Or all of a sudden, after a fierce exchange of fire at the base of the enemies, some lobotomized scientists are found who, instead of crawling under the table in fear, enter into a conversation with Tris in the spirit of "actually, we work here, we'll talk later." Such small, but, unfortunately, frequent mistakes manage to regularly destroy a fragile atmosphere.

On the other hand, as promised, the game has another component - a space simulator. Before the release, many were afraid that it would be difficult to steer a means of transportation, recalling, apparently, the terrible control of helicopters from Xenus . In fact, everything turned out perfectly: the ship is controlled elementarily, practically does not have inertia, so it’s very simple to fly and shoot enemies. Cosmos itself is another such impressive location: you can move between planets at hyper speeds, but adventures and battles are every two minutes.