Technomancer Tips - Chapter 3: Mr. Watcher's Shady Cases

Shady affairs of Mr. Watcher

Reward for completing the quest: +3 rep. Army, +1 rep. Noctis, 2000 EXP

How to unlock: after completing the main quest Find your allies


Get blackmail information from black dahlias
Get a Pimp Tablet
Give the Pimp Pill to Captain Elise Mayor


You can get the next pill in the slum. Talk to Mara, the leader of the gang. She will show you a pimp in one of the buildings of the exchange.

Entrance to the shelter of pimps on the stock exchange

The entrance to the building is guarded by several guards, but inside the building you will find only a pimp. Knock it out and take the tablet from the table. Take it to Elise Major to complete the quest.

Powder in wheels
Quest reward: +1 repeat. Mutants, 2000 EXP

How to unlock: after completing the main quest Find your allies


Meet the leader of the driven mutants
Get a bomb
Talk to Amelia about the bomb
Convince as many mutants to escape
Find an informant among mutants
Accompany Amelia to the hangar so she can make a bomb
Give the bomb to the leader of the driven mutants
Start escape

Enslaved mutant leader

In this quest, you must go to the slums, to the warehouse of mutants. In one of the cells you will find a leader who will give you new tasks. Talk to the mutants first to find the traitor and convince them to flee. You should not have any problems with this, and the two mutants must agree to escape regardless of which options you choose. The third - closest to the exit - will be a traitor, and you will have to fight it.

Go with Amelia to the hangar, where she will prepare a charge of explosives

The next step is to talk to Amelia. Go with her into the hangar after talking. There you must start another conversation, and you will get a bomb. Deliver it to the mutant leader at the warehouse. After a short conversation, the quest will end.

Reserved Judgment

Quest reward: 2000 EXP

How to unlock: after completing the main quest to find your allies. However, you will receive this quest as soon as you get to Ophir - after you get out of the car, a person will call you a conversation and deliver a message that will start the quest.


Talk to an Important Citizen at Curiosity
Find ASC Headquarters Location
Enter ASC HQ
Find the son of a judge
To convince the judge’s son to go to his father
Return to Simon Judge, Chief Justice.

Son Simons will not want to return to his father

You will find Simon's son at that base, on the ground floor. You must use persuasion (Charisma) or make him sleep (Science) to make him go with you. The second option can be 100% successful if you tell Scott to do this (of course, only if he is a member of the team). Then go back to Simon. look at Maral Gel website