Советы по прохождению игры Starlink Battle for Atlas. Прохождение игры #030

Nocturne Depot

The Nocturne Depot can be captured only when you kill all the enemy units located in it. You will meet armored cyclops and demons. They are at the first level, so defeating them should not be a serious problem.

After the battle is over, you can open the chest in which you will find the blow booster.

Twilight cell block
In Twilight Cell Block, you have to complete the decoding. Once the process begins, cyclops will attack you. Due to the low level, you should not have problems with their victory.

After the decoding process is complete, you will receive Electrum Amplifier I and Speed ​​Spit Amplifier.

Reef Fuel

Restoring Reef Fuels will require defeating all enemies in place. Here you will find only armored cyclops. Their level is relatively low, so you do not need to have any problems with them.

After the battle is over, you can open the chest where you will find the Electrum amplifier I.

Swamp ruins

The swamp ruins require victory over all enemies within. In this case, expect armored cyclops.

The complex has two shelters. To get to them, you need to damage Nova with heat and open the door. There are chests containing each Fighter Core II.

Bion Ruins

Capturing Ruin Bion will require you to destroy all the enemies in its area. The enemies you come across here are Outlaws, Outlaw Leader and Elite Outlaws. Outlaw Leader uses shields, so you must attack it when its protection is disabled.

Shelter can be found here. Getting inside will require breaking new with stasis and exploding through doors. Inside you can find a chest with Gravity Armor III.

Pastur Silos

To re-capture Pastur silos you will need to destroy all enemies in the area of ​​the object. In this case, you will fight with Outlaws and Elite Outlaws. This is a fairly easy encounter - keep your ship in constant motion and enemies should not be a problem.

Once the battle is over, you can open the chest with Tank Core II.

Clonefield Sensors

At Clonefield Sensors, you need to go through a hacking process. Once the process begins, Outlaws, Outlaw Leader and Elite Outlaws will attack you. They will appear in large groups - use the environment and shields of your ship to protect yourself from their attacks.

Once the hacking process is over, you will get Regen Booster II.

General information about the planet Tundria

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