Tips for completing Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes - Campaign for people: Mission 15

Mission 15 - Hayton Siege

In this scenario, you must defend the fortress that you captured several missions before. You will encounter a combined offensive by orcs, rebels and goblins.

In this scenario, you will again control an additional hero. There are many defenders on the walls, including several catapults. Try swapping crossbows on the western walls with catapults right from the bat. This will allow them to destroy most units with a single attack, which will be useful since there will be more enemies from the west (big red arrow). Crossbowmen from the eastern walls may remain there. You can move them to turrets - they will receive additional protection and attack bonuses.

Now it's time for the hardest part of the mission. In the castle, located in front of the inner fort, there are three Ballista and two elven infantry units (2). Wait for their turn and try to capture all Ballista in one turn (an increased radius of action and a larger number of scrolls thrown per turn will be useful here). If you do not have these improvements, then you should wait until the Ballista go in different directions so that they are not within reach of each other. After that, you can start to capture them one by one and move them so that they cannot destroy each other. A ballista cannot move and shoot in the same move. Use Ballista to clear the castle of enemy units. Remember to bring a Healer with you.

Completing the mission at a higher level of difficulty (orange marks on the map). You will encounter additional groups of wolves located in the east. They will not be a problem if you wait for their attack and use the power of the Dwarves. Units in front of the towers are a big problem. Rely on berserkers and wild boars and send them to a safe place so they can fight full health again.

Use three magicians to freeze archers. Then bring the guns to inflict massive damage.

There is a portal under the castle, and you can use it to enhance protection. Summon additional ranged units to strengthen the garrison. You can also call cavalry and attack archers. Summoning magicians is another good idea, as you will stop the enemy units that cross the river and move along the road. A handful of units can stop an entire attack if used correctly.

Completing a mission at a higher difficulty level (orange arrows on the map above) means that you will have to face a lot of orcs, who are almost twice as stable as the goblins or your people. The greatest enemy reinforcements will come from the east and west, so you should consider reinforcing your army with rifle units, rather than infantry. Mage attacks ignore walls, so you can place them inside the castle. Are you looking for an online casino to play for money? Check out this site for the best online casinos with fast withdrawal and quality support for players.