FIFA 10: Friv Game Overview

The annual releases of the new FIFA series have already become a tradition for Electronic Arts. Obviously, it would be much more comfortable for you to choose just one website that will keep your interest for a long long time. This website friv must be really alive, with a good number of options, and such that can offer you a great gaming experience. True, the quantity in quality is not in a hurry. Each time the company launches the same product on the market, even though with the latest changes in the composition of teams. Perhaps the tenth version, which promised two new modes at once, will surprise you with anything?

However, those who are familiar with previous FIFA , will instantly understand that both freshly baked tournaments can not be called newcomers, even with a big stretch. "Be a Pro: Club and Country" already flickered in FIFA 08, but then it was necessary to choose four players at once. Now, you can take only one player under your guardianship. However, this does not change anything significant: we, as before, choose tactics, read the local press and strive to score more goals so that the coach does not kick out of the team. In PES 2009, we started from the bottom, gradually making our way to the main team, in FIFA 10 the character is at the top of the career ladder from the first seconds. What now to strive for?

Except for a victory in the Russian Premier League, which finally appeared in the Season mode. Konami has already added the Europa League to Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 , while EA has nothing to offer but an impressive list of national championships. On the other hand, how else to attract buyers? Electronic Arts is not even able to copy some of the successful finds of competitors. In PES, we experiment with composition and tactics, select the optimal placement, maintain a balance between defense and attack ... In FIFA 10these manipulations are of little use, because the characteristics of the players almost do not affect anything. If the stars still possess some individual skills, then twin brothers with similar parameters play in little-known teams.

Although in this field there are small shifts. Using the “Live Season” function, known by FIFA 09 , you can download data on the physical condition of all players. Moreover, this information will fully correspond to the situation in the real world. Of course, this addition is unlikely to relieve the series of all the misfortunes, but at least force players to monitor the condition of the wards, looking for replacements for injured footballers.

But you can always do without fussing with personnel. Artificial intelligence, having forgotten about tricky combinations and attacks from the flanks, prefers to sit on the defensive while we arrange a massive round-up in someone else's penalty area. Looking at the opponents' futile attempts to score a prestige goal and at the sluggish attacks choking already in the middle of the field is at first amusing, but soon it bothers.

You can rest from stupid computer errors unless in multiplayer. Here we are waiting for a classic quick match either on a local network or on the Internet. True, finding rivals online is not an easy task, so it’s better to limit your game to LAN or in a one-on-one format by connecting an additional gamepad.

Of course, untreated network mode is not a sentence for FIFA 10 . But the outdated graphics and almost complete resemblance to FIFA 09 - serious flaws. Why, with all the flaws, has the game earned a "meritorious" mark? Indeed, FIFA in its current state has nothing to surprise the audience with except a heap of licensed teams. However, football simulations are rare guests on the PC. And although the brainchild of Electronic Arts is even inferior to PES 2009 , you can spend a couple of evenings in FIFA 10 . At least to get acquainted with the Russian Premier League.

Pros: brought to mind the function "Live Season"; the presence of the Russian football championship; interesting matches in the "Season" mode.
Cons: outdated graphics; rather weak friendly artificial intelligence in the Be a Pro: Club and Country mode; unprocessed network mode; inconvenient keyboard controls.