The Azov floodplains of the Kuban give birth to a crop

The tape "Is the land of the Kuban? .." acquires an inner nerve when this story is directly about people. Such as the chairman of the Kalinin collective farm Anatoly Tikhonovich Kuzovlev.

“The most expensive and most important thing for me. - he will say, - a man’s smile ... "

The chairman’s synchronized speech is illustrated by the filming of the village of Kanevskaya, first-classly rebuilt, with its own park, cafes, shops and even its zoo. Two hundred thousand rubles are invested annually in school equipment. The Body of the Lev has its own “greed” * about fifty graduates each summer joining a large collective farm family, and they must be well prepared for the modern economy.

In the difficult time of a dry summer, film publicists carefully peer at their heroes. The film is riddled with deep thought: a man is the master on the earth, and the wealth of the country depends on how much he invests in it, as he orders.

... The Azov floodplains of the Kuban have been considered a dead place for centuries. We will hear from the screen the words of Gleb Uspensky, who wrote: “These lands are lost in the lowlands which are huge and truly depressing: only gray-haired reeds sticking out of some pressed earth are visible around the vast space.” And now the previously barren floodplains give powerful rice crops. At the initiative of Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, a base for domestic rice cultivation was created here. And again, the viewer will witness how difficult it was to conquer this land. Truly titanic labor was required to drain the floodplains, free them from reeds, build hundreds of thousands of hectares of modern rice engineering systems ... And here they are, panicles bending under the weight of grains. But the worries did not diminish: there is still no perfect technique for collecting rice in the fields, breeders must say their word ...

Talking about the region, the authors recall his fighting past, which was told by the front-line newsreel, old photographs, we see a memorial on the screen that perpetuates the feat of the soldiers of the Lesser Land, we hear emotional. An excited comment by Galina Shergova.

The film ends with shots of an emerging day. He will bring new deeds and concerns, new achievements. By the decision of the Kuban party in the coming years it should turn into a gigantic agro-industrial complex. And this task to solve the young generation. And it is unlikely, the filmmakers say, the land of the Kuban will be easy for them. The labor of the farmer is not easy. But the happiness that a true farmer experiences by weighing in his palm a full-grown spike in his palm is incomparable. Top gambling ausie online casino australia real money here