Description of the films # 421

1. The events of the film take place in Victorian England. Jack Witcher has long been considered one of the best detectives among the London police, but after investigating the brutal murder of a little boy, which he had to lead, Jack decided to leave the service. Now Wicher is breeding orchids, but his old skills have not gone away. Therefore, when in one of the London eateries he meets Lady Spencer, looking for her missing niece, his instinct immediately makes itself felt.

Jack is sure that the loss of a young girl is connected with some crime. He promises an upset woman to do everything possible to find her niece. However, the very next day, when Witcher turned to his former colleagues for help, he finds out that the girl’s corpse is in a police morgue. According to the guardians of the law, the lover of the victim is guilty of the murder. But Wisher is convinced that the man was not involved in the murder. Having begun his investigation, the detective does not suspect what dirty secrets he will have to face.

2. True love knows no barriers and boundaries, and in support of a visual story about the relationship between Olga and Igor. They studied at school together, between them were the purest and most sincere feelings, and a whole life awaited them. They planned to go to university, and a little later to get married and give birth to children. Olga everything went according to plan - she really went where she planned, but Igor received a summons to the army, which disrupted the entire planned course of events.

Olga faithfully waited for her beloved, they wrote many letters to each other, anxiously awaiting the end of the service. But just ahead of them another test awaited. Igor was seriously injured during the exercises, and by mistake of unqualified medical staff he lost both legs. He did not want to break the life of his bride, realizing that he was disabled, and could not help her in any way, and even he needed care, Igor decides to deceive Olga. He tells her that he has another woman who is also pregnant from him.

The young girl was shocked by such betrayal, unable to tolerate shame and humiliation, she leaves the city. And Igor, meanwhile, is experiencing a heavy loneliness, thinking about the correctness of his decision, because without Olga, life is not at all sweet for him. Heroes will have to go through a lot of trouble, but will they be able to escape from the captivity of deception, into which their whole life has plunged? Can their love survive this test? Do you want to chat with a beautiful girl? We have a huge selection of girls who are always ready to talk on any topic, including live chat on webcam. Communication free live sex chat with girls on our site is absolutely free and without registration. Video chat is a great way to meet random people online. Press start to start video chat with strangers using your webcam.