Окна пластиковые

Plastic windows have great design possibilities. Since we are mainly surrounded by typical buildings with uniform rectangular openings and standard white frames, we forget about how diverse the windows are, how well they decorate the house and fit into the interior.

It’s worth starting the design with the shape of the plastic windows. If you live in Khrushchev, Brezhnevka or in a modern high-rise building, then your house probably has rectangular openings and it is not advisable to install frames of a different shape in them. If you are the owner of an apartment in the old foundation or in stalin, the arched or trapezoidal shape of the openings is not excluded. Windows in such openings are installed appropriate.

For the manufacture of an arched window, profiles bent on special equipment are used. The minimum bending radius for a blind transom is 320 mm. The arched segment, if necessary, is equipped with a sash and fittings and becomes opening. It is possible to manufacture round windows, including with an opening half.

Welding machines connect profiles at any angle, both obtuse and sharp. The manufacture of triangular structures is not a problem. Triangular, trapezoidal windows, like rectangular and arched, are equipped with sashes and fittings, if there is a need for opening.

In some cases, it seems possible to “replay” the window shape using special additional profiles. So, for example, in the openings with a gentle arch, you can install both arched and rectangular frames with additional profiles. The height of the additional profiles is up to 10 cm. By installing a rectangular window in the arched opening, you can save up to 25% of the cost of the product.

An important element of window design is the layout on glass units, it can be external and internal. The external layout is false false profiles, glued to double-glazed windows from the street and from the premises. Such false linings are made up to 45 mm wide, they are very clearly visible and fit perfectly with the profiles of the box and sash. The disadvantage of overhead profiles is the inability to remove the double-glazed windows during installation, as a result, deaf structures with overlays are installed only on mounting plates (not on the anchor). Difficulties arise when adjusting sashes with false profiles, since there is no way to twist the sash.

The internal layout is installed inside the double-glazed windows, it is not as noticeable as the external, but such plastic windows are easier to wash, adjust and install. Harmonica Germany http://harmonica-linea.net/DE/