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I remember around 10 years ago a woman I was seeing was not satisfied with the way I performed in bed. I didn't understand it at first as she was quite beautiful, had an ample bosom, a nice sexy woman who knew the moves to make in the bedroom. After 10 or 12 times, I'd asked here what the problem was, and she said it was the size  of my penis, and that I was never very hard in that respect. I wanted to keep this woman, so I decided to go to my doctor to explain the problem.

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Before I tried one with my gal pal, I decided to try one out when alone at home. I took the pill, and they said I should get an effect in about an hour. So, after waiting about a half hour, I noticed a blueness in my vision, started to feel almost dizzy, and thought that it would be a good time to throw a porn film on my computer to see what happened. The film was very good, one of those daddy does daughter type films that really get me going. But, I didn't get an erection, just excited as normal. I tried to masturbate into a hard-on, but very little was obtained. I knew that this was never going to work with my sexy other, so I went back to the doctor.

My doctor stated that the problem may be that I needed a stronger dosage. So, this time he gave me a higher dosage for Cialis instead of the Viagra he gave me before. Another 4 pill trial. I was pretty nervous about going back to the pharmacist wondering "what if this doesn't work?". So, after getting he Cialis, and trying to calm myself down. I once again, went back home to try one of them out. I again waited about a half hour, and although I still saw a blueish vision in my eyes, this time I noticed a very old friend coming back to me in my pants. Within 5 minutes of watching a porno, I achieved a very strong hard on. I began to masturbate and it took awhile before I finally exploded. I knew I had to try this out with my girl toy.

3 days later, I invited my gal over for the evening. I took another Cialis pill before she got to my place. I didn't say a word to her about getting the Cialis. When she got to my door, I opened it up and she gave me a typical long kiss, rubbed against me, and noticed a very large hard on. She looked at me and smiled. Again, we met in my bedroom, and I was able to totally mesmerized her with my manhood. She was moaning and ecstatic, and said that she was totally satisfied, around 4 times of satisfaction.

Now, I don't know if Cialis was actually better than Viagra, or if it was just merely the larger dosage that I was given. But, I definitely spent money on a larger supply of Cialis. Though expensive, it was money well worth spent.