How to teach a kid to read

Recently, school programs have become much more complicated, and by entering the first grade, the child should already be able to read. Most often, specialized schools may refuse to accept a child for education if he cannot read. They gave such types of games as applications and see online friv games, that are played on the devices and gadgets, such as laptops, mobile phones, and other ones. Many of these friv games can be found on various websites and some of them are free.

There are many methods for teaching reading from an early age. But it is important to remember that classes should be conducted systematically and preferably at the same time. If the child is not feeling well, then the lesson should be postponed.

You can learn letters with a child starting from the age of two, as a rule, by this time many children speak well and they have a sufficient vocabulary. The duration of classes should not exceed 15 minutes.

You need to start introducing the child to the letters in a playful way. You can, for example, learn one letter and invite the baby to find it on posters or in a book. It is important to consider that you are making a sound, not the name of a letter. This is not entirely familiar, but it will be easier for the child to remember the letters. First you need to learn the vowels. There are only 10 of them, so it won’t take much time. You can write letters on circles and sing them along with the child. Then ask him to do it yourself. Even if it doesn’t work out right away, you need to encourage the child. Create a situation of success, otherwise the child will lose all interest in learning.

After the child learns all the letters, you can begin to combine into syllables. It is better to pronounce all this together with the baby. Today, primers for the youngest children are published. There are new techniques for teaching reading. A very popular way of singing syllables to music. Write on the paper what syllables you will learn and sing along with the child to the music. Not only children like these classes, they also carry an element of aesthetic education. But do not forget that the lesson should last a long time; small children cannot be attentive for a long time.

It will be useful to play role-playing games with the child. First, mom can be in the role of a teacher, and then you need to switch places. Invite the child to be a teacher. Such games bring a lot of pleasure and help to quickly master reading skills. Since it is proved that when teaching someone, the child learns himself.

As soon as the child learns to read in syllables, one can begin to read short stories in volume. Raising a child’s interest in reading is an important task not only of school, but also of parents. It is important to believe in the ability of the baby, and he will surely succeed.