Gambling club bonuses

In the promotion, the user (by e-mail, account, IP address) participates only once. The client can manage one account. If the casino finds out during verification that the client uses two or more accounts, all other winnings are canceled. If the casino finds out different names of the account holder and the Bank card used to pay for services, the violator's winnings will be canceled.

Mailing to the client's email address is intended for the recipient and is not used by other people. If the recipient of the newsletter is not the account owner, then everything that is indicated in the email will not be valid. the casino changes the promo action according to its own rules.

Game club bonuses are divided into no Deposit and no Deposit bonuses. No Deposit bonuses are calculated not for deposits, but for certain client cases. These include bringing friends to the game, a bonus for a name day, participation in an online survey, and so on. Deposit bonuses are calculated for the Deposit made. The bonus depends on the client's Deposit. The bonus is credited to your account when you make a Deposit. These types of bonuses include:

  • bonus on the payment method;

  • bonus for the following deposits;

  • bonus for I open Deposit, etc.

Many bonuses have a wagering coefficient. It could be used even for free spins without deposit in online casinos. In order for the bonus to arrive on your account, you must first win it back – make a certain number of bets for an amount greater than the bonus.

If you have opened a 10-dollar I Deposit, the Administration will receive a 200% welcome bonus. Therefore, the account will have 30 dollars (10 dollars is a Deposit and 20 dollars is a bonus). In order for the Administration to consider the bonus wagered, the client makes a bet thirty times higher than the bonus accrued. In this example, it is 20$X30=600$. Data 600$ is won back for a month from the time of accrual. If a player wants to withdraw winnings without winning back the bonus, then these bonus accruals are canceled. The bonus is implemented if the client has fulfilled all the rules for wagering this bonus.

Sleep mode

If the client has not worked with the account for six months, the account is classified as dormant by the Administration. A message with information about the balance is sent to the client's e-mail. You can withdraw money from your account within a month after receiving the email. If no funds were withdrawn from the balance during this period, the account is closed. After that, to get money, the player needs to write a statement directly to the Administration. the casino makes the final decision.

Advertising work

If a client receives a large prize, they must take part in various promotional events. We will arrange for the client to secure these measures. If the casino terms and conditions conflict with the contest settings, the second ones will apply for the duration of the promotion.

If during the verification it becomes clear that the player violated the terms, interfered with the casino's work with third-party software, or engaged in fraud, the administration will refuse to pay the winnings. If there are suspicions, the Osmania administration freezes the account at the time of verification. The player will be informed about the results of the check. The decision on the money in the account is made only by the casino.