Christmas trees 1914 (2014)

Description of the movie Fir-trees 1914 (2014)

If we summarize all the numbers that were obtained during the first three parts of the film "Christmas Tree", then it turns out that a solid figure, namely ... one hundred million dollars. This is not a bad figure, and the creators of this storyline will not stop until they squeeze out all the juices. The fourth part is essentially no different from its predecessors, all the same good humor, a little irony and an already established duet in the form of Sergey Svetlakov and Ivan Urgant. An exception may be that the heroes will visit in 1914.

The plot of this movie line will transfer its viewers 100 years ago to the same Russian empire. Here you can see how people in anticipation of the holiday are preparing for it. In the center of the movie "Fir Trees 1914" there will be many heroes, this is the working class, and ordinary peasants with noble people, nobles, soldiers and many other heroes. Their life was very different from ours, but no one canceled the festive mood and everyone was looking forward to Christmas.

The movie "Christmas Trees 1914" can be viewed from different angles. If you look from the first, then the film turned out to be even nothing. Christmas, family holiday, etc. However, shortcomings are still present here. Namely, this is what the viewers transferred to 1914, where everyone shows us not as believable as it actually was. There are a lot of embellished and exaggerated. And the second side is more positive. The scriptwriters decided to present all this to us in the historical era, which is already a difference from the first three banal plots, because they probably realized that for the fourth time the audience could not peck at the same thing. If you perceive this movie as not something unhistorical, then you will have every chance to laugh at the plot because there are plenty of funny moments here.

Watching the film "Christmas Trees 1914" is able to cheer up the New Year or Advent period. You will also be able to see how screenwriters present the celebration of the New Year with people a hundred years ago. And I want to believe that people of that time also expected the coming of these holidays, because it is so important to believe in magic at this time. And sometimes even the holiday itself does not bring pleasure, but its expectation. The age category for watching this movie is only six years old, so almost everyone can enjoy it. true blue casino