Cialis generic over the counter at the pharmacy

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Not every man is able to safely come to the pharmacy to purchase a medicine that will help him restore sexual activity. And despite the fact that you can buy Cialis OTC in a pharmacy. Explaining this situation is quite simple - men are embarrassed when it comes to their manhood. Due to the fact that Cialis without a doctor’s prescription can be bought at any pharmacy or ordered online. This allows the stronger sex to avoid a visit to the doctor.

However, the drug is in demand not only among older men, it is also in high demand among young people. After all, the tool allows you to experience new sensations, as well as strengthen self-confidence if a person is stressed due to troubles at work or for other reasons.

If you want to try how the drug works, but don’t know whether it is possible to buy Cialis over the counter, we can answer. You can place an order on our website. Our pharmacy offers the most favorable conditions for cooperation to each buyer. It is worth noting that all drugs based on the active ingredient Tadalafil are on sale. Although there are some nuances, we’ll talk about them.

Cialis generic over the counter at the pharmacy

If Tadalafil over the counter could always be bought online, then in the USA the situation was different. Despite the fact that the development and production of drugs based on Tadalafil was carried out by American scientists. The owner of the patent was the largest concern Eli Lilly and Company together with ICOS (at the moment the company broke up).

After the appearance of the drug on the market, its cost was quite high. This is due to the desire of the manufacturer as quickly as possible to return the invested funds that were required for scientific research and advertising campaigns. Do not forget that Cialis began to produce after consumers became acquainted with the action of Viagra and Levitra. Therefore, the manufacturer had to spend tremendous funds on advertising a new product.

According to statistics, the first tablets of the drug were sold in America at a price of $ 25 to $ 46 per tablet. However, the drug had a rather long-lasting effect - about 36 hours. As a result, the purchase of Cialis was more justified than the purchase of Levitra or Viagra. Patients noted a powerful, high-quality and long-lasting erection, they had the opportunity to make several sexual contacts, and even with different partners.

One of the main differences between the American health care system and the domestic system is that in the United States, most purchases are made through bank transfer. Moreover, insurance companies compensate for the purchase of medicines for patients. Therefore, for Americans, the cost of drugs is not critical. But what matters is the fact that in an insurance company potency problems should be perceived as a disease, and Cialis as an effective medicine for treating this ailment.

Another important condition for buying a treasured pill is a prescription. In this case, the patient needs to be convincing in a conversation with a doctor who must believe that he has problems with erectile function. At the same time, if we talk about whether Cialis is a prescription drug or not, then there is no definite answer. As for the United States, you can also buy medicine over the counter, but in this case, a person will have to pay in cash.

Cialis-need a prescription?

This question can be answered simply, depending on which country you live in and depending on how the payment will be made. However, after some time, insurance companies set a strict limit on the maximum number of pills that a man can get for free for a month. A seemingly rational solution subsequently led to the emergence of a “black” market in which the Americans successfully made money selling recipes.

To get additional income, Americans who did not have problems with erectile function went to a doctor's consultation. After complaints about problems with potency, the specialist wrote out an appointment, which was subsequently safely sold to men who have problems with potency. It was easy enough to get the prescription, since the patients did not pass any tests; the doctor took their word for it. As a result, the pseudo patient received a photo prescription for Cialis.

Every year, the popularity of the drug only increased. He began to use completely healthy men who got the opportunity to have sex much longer and several times a day. In addition, the orgasm due to taking the pills was more powerful and vibrant. Interest in whether Cialis is sold over the counter or not, even women began to show. This is due to the fact that after taking the “magic” pill the man was in a good mood and there was a desire to have sex, regardless of problems at work.

Is generic cialis available over the counter

Despite the growing popularity, the cost of the drug was declining rather slowly. The validity of the official patent ended only in 2010. Starting from this time, analogues of original products, generics, began to appear on the pharmacological market. But even with the appearance of "competitors", the cost of the drug dropped to only 13-16 dollars per pill.

If until this moment you did not know where to buy Cialis over the counter, then now you know for sure that this can be done on the website of our pharmacy. Do you have the first symptoms of sexual dysfunction? Do you find it difficult to enter into intimacy due to a weak and short erection? Just place an order and receive a purchase as soon as possible

In what cases may a prescription for Cialis be required?

Сan i buy cialis over the counter
In our country, it is advisable to get a doctor's appointment to buy medicines that are aimed at improving potency only if a man has signed a contract with a private insurance company. At the same time, insurance companies are not always willing to compensate for the money that goes to purchase such medications.

You should also keep in mind that insurers will never agree to pay your expenses in full. Moreover, insurance companies generally do not pay for the purchase of medications that can eliminate sexual disorders. However, there are exceptions to all the rules – there are companies that are ready to compensate for the money spent on such drugs.

Only those patients who were able to confirm the presence of the disease by a specialized specialist can receive monetary compensation. In his appointment, the doctor clearly indicates the medicine for which the insurance company will later pay compensation. And if the prescription specifies Cialis, and you buy Levitra, Viagra or other medication – the money will not be returned to you.

You need to understand that medicines are selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of the male body and the severity of the disease. To understand which medication is appropriate in a particular case, it is advisable to try different options. This will allow you to determine which drugs show fewer side effects and contribute to a better solution to existing problems.

Reviews about whether you over the counter to buy Cialis (Tadalafil)

I was outraged by the fact that some people started making money on recipes. I always believed that only our people are thoughtful and only we get out and find the means to earn money. And as I understand it, in America, too, people are thoughtful and not averse to easy earnings. My personal opinion is that such drugs should have a prescription from a specialized doctor, so that they are not easily accessible, otherwise men will start taking drugs without following the instructions and how it will end, God only knows!
Liam, 28 years old 13.03.2020

Still, I think that Cialis OTC, and other drugs of this kind should be prescribed strictly by prescription, because only in this case can you protect from taking those who decided to "just try what will happen" and help those who really need it, because the doctor can prescribe adequate treatment, and many are just shy to reach them with questions of this kind and it is very sad.
Michael, 20 years old 01.02.2020