Automelochki - interesting facts

Meaningless but merciless

The Bugatti Veyron somehow has some indecent records and more or less everyone agrees, with the exception of the guys from Volkswagen (who own the Bugatti brand), but they are in the minority. And so the guys who created the car with the heady name Hennessey Venom GT decided to grab at least one record for themselves and coped with the task. In any case, the design they created accelerates to 300 km / h, faster than any other production car. “Venom” completed this exotic exercise in 13.6 seconds, that is, faster than another “Kalina” it will accelerate to hundreds, however, the word “serial” or, in the original language, the production car raises more questions. Indeed, strictly speaking, Hennessey is not a car manufacturer, but a tuning studio.

Actually, if you look closely at the same Venom GT, it will be easy to find out the outline of the body of the Lotus Exige. Another question is that from the “Lotus” except the outlines, there is little left, the same seven-liter engine with two turbines of clearly American origin. By the way, the previous record in the “acceleration to three hundred” belonged to the Swedish car Koenigsegg Agera.

Rise of the Lycans
It’s a well-known thing - most of the expensive, very expensive and too expensive things in the world are sold in the Middle East. Now attention! - the question is: if so, why not immediately release them there? Up to a certain point, it seemed that you could wind up the price in four directions only for something truly Italian, German or British, but in the 21st century it was time to forget about conventions. In any case, they were forgotten in the company W Motors, either in Lebanon or in the Emirates, which sculpted its first supercar with the difficult and indiscreet name LykanHyperSport. The car is driven by a fairly forced Porsche opponent, whose power was brought to 750 hp. The truth is not only in horses, but also in diamonds and gold, with which this treasure is trimmed not only from the inside, but also, according to rumors, a little outside.
The funniest automotive novelty in Russia can safely be recognized as the Aquila model, which will be produced at the permanently bankrupt TagAZ. The funny thing is that the car is served as a "four-door coupe", that is, it is almost a competitor, excuse me, Mercedes CLS. And this despite the fact that under the hood, Aquila has a rather dull 107-horsepower engine, and it is proposed to pick up the car by self-delivery, like pebbles or foam blocks.
For older Russians, the word "Stingray" is mainly associated with the name of Joan, but for compatriots of that Joana - with a plate on the Chevrolet Corvette housing of the second and third generations. The new Corvette will also have such a version, or rather, it already has one. The power of the 6.2-liter engine so far is 457 hp, although it feels that you can potentially pull out twice as much from it.
An American by the name of Gilbert went to court in the hope that the hand of the law would be punished by the Georgia Driver Services Department. The thing is that his employees did not register the car sign the inscription on which Gilbert invented, allegedly due to the fact that the word "gay" is found in the letter combination. Agree, it is not difficult to imagine a situation when a person goes to court because he was called a pederast, but sue because they refused to call you that ...
Mercerdes engineers believe that it is time for cars to start a little bit to follow the road instead of us. Almost all automobile brands torment such considerations, but in the case of the Germans, this will be expressed in the fact that their car will no longer drive under a brick. That is, a special scanner located under the rear view mirror will recognize the prohibition sign and give the corresponding signal to the control computer. Pin Up Casino - play online!