Chapter I.-Toxemia, the Efficient (First) Cause of All Disease

Chapter II.-Causes of Constipation

Chapter III.-Treatment

Chapter IV.-Constipation as Found in Various Derangements

Chapter V.-A Few Personalities




    Teakettle Tea: One-third hot milk and two-thirds boilingwater, poured together.

    Fifty-Fifty: One-half hot milk and one-half hot water,poured together.

    Stomach Lavage: Stomach wash. Introduce syphon tubeinto stomach and pour warm water through the tube into the stomach. Start with halfgallon and use as much water as the stomach will take. Then drop the opening or funnelend of tube into a vessel and allow the water to run out of the stomach through thetube into the vessel.

    Triscuit: A whole-wheat product very similar to theshredded wheat biscuit, put up in a little different form, but by the same company.

    Three-In-One: 1 tablespoonful table salt, 2 tablespoonfulsbicarbonate of soda and 3 tablespoonfuls Epsom salts. Mix thoroughly and keep ina covered vessel.

    Four Tilden Rules: No. 1. Never eat when feeling bad,and you must be absolutely comfortable from one meal time to the next, both mentallyand physically, or miss the coming meal.

    No. 2. Never eat without a keen relish.

    No. 3. Always avoid overeating.

    No. 4. Thoroughly masticate and insalivate your food.

    Decidedly Starchy Foods: Every preparation made fromgrains- wheat, rye, oats, barley, corn, rice; also the Irish and sweet potato, drybeans and peas, tapioca, sago, peanuts, chestnuts, bananas, Hubbard squash and pumpkin.The three last named have a decided tendency to ferment. Those troubled with sourstomach should not eat them.

    Non-Starchy Vegetables: Beets, turnips, carrots, parsnips,summer squash, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, green corn, green peas, stringbeans, asparagus, onions, egg plant, salsify, okra, kohlrabi, endive, lettuce, tomatoes,cucumbers, celery, chard, spinach, dandelion, and all plants used as greens.

    The use of the word "non-starchy" is purely arbitrary,for there is starch in all vegetables, but it exists in relatively small proportionsin the so-called non-starchy vegetables.

    Prunes and Figs: The sweet fruits are not recommendedto overcome constipation, but there is no objection to their use occasionally inthose who can use them without acid fermentation and flatulency following.