The Biochar Revolution: Transforming Agriculture and the Environment

A free download of Chapter 1 offered by the author/publisher, with a link to purchase the book from the publisher’s website. The Soil and Health Library offers this item because we feel that biochar is extremely useful and should become more widely known and used.

Health Unlimited

A very easy to understand summary and restatement of the basic hygienic viewpoint that would serve as an excellent introduction and guide to someone with insufficient time to study the fundamental books of the Founders (Tilden, Shelton, etc.) from which this book is drawn. It is vegetarian in outlook and disapproves of colon cleansing. Used by a chriopractic college in the United States as a basic text of diet and nutrition.

Nourishing Traditions

In de reeks van de werken van Weston A. Price, roept Nourishing Traditions veganisten en vegetariers op om een bepaalde mate van dierlijk voedsel – zoals ook goede biologische melk en eieren – te beschouwen als essentieel voor het menselijke leven. We kunnen dit niet kunstmatig vervangen, maar moeten ook streven naar biologisch voedsel van goede vruchtbare mineraalrijke bodem, en dit op de juiste manier bereiden. Men kan uit dit boek leren om betere voedselkeuzes te maken.

Timeline for the Life and Hard Times of Dr. Shelton

An brief admiring biography and complete historical bibliography of Shelton by a staunch follower, Victoria Bidwell.

What Really Causes MS

Harry Foster gave permission for this library to offer valuable books that he also provides free of charge from his own website.

What Really Causes AIDS

In the African country of Senegal there is virtually no AIDS yet the population is highly sexually active. This correlates with the high level of selenium in Senegalese soils.

What Really Causes Alzheimer’s Disease

Harry Foster is a geologist/geographer who discovered that the frequency of Alzheimers varied with certain environmental circumstances, such as the amount of aluminum in the soil/environment.

Vaccination: The Hidden Facts

Available here with the permission of the Author is one chapter of this fine book. The book itself can be purchased via mail order from Sinclair’s admirable website,

Health and Survival in the 21st Century

Here is THE book for someone with incurable disease that is stuck in the medical model. Includes a cogent presentation of why AIDS is a “false” disease, the frauds behind AZT and the deaths AZT caused.

The Challenge of Landscape

An illustration-filled practical farming textbook focused on water conservation, small-scale dam construction and gravity-fed irrigation projects. Especially useful for practicing sustainable rainfall-dependent farming.

The Keyline Plan

Recommends a unique method of plowing that helps the land soak up all rainfall, opens it to root penetration and greatly accelerates the release of plant nutrients.

A Training Manual For Soil Analysis Interpretation in Northern California

Thoroughly explains why the base cations (calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium) should be balanced. It explains how to interpret ammonium acetate extractions and how to grow great fruit, especially grapes.

Flower Child

Farida Sharan came of age during the peace and love revolution of the 1960s; this is the story of her personal and spiritual development in that milieu.

The Country Housewife’s Family Companion, with a modern introduction by Malcolm Thick

A complete how-to manual of country skills; how-to make everything from bacon to medicine. The book creates an appreciation for mid-18th century English country life; it reveals how the diet and habits of the era created the diseases that demanded the medicines listed.

Seeds of Destruction

This book reveals that the Rockefeller family are the prime movers pushing GM seed production. They are aiming for total global domination through the control of food.

Composterenvoor Biologische Tuiniers

Twee onderwerpen in één boek. In deel 1 staat de funfamentele methode van het compostmaken beschreven; en in deel 2 staan de resultaten van een juiste of onjuiste omgang met de bodemvruchtbaarheid beschreven en hoe men zeer goede compost maakt.

Science and the Cosmic Order: A new prospectus.

Robert Campbell was a petrochemical engineer with the soul of a philosopher.

Fisherman’s Guide to the Cosmic Order

Robert Campbell’s take on cosmology.

Enlightened Management and the Organizational Imperative

How to structure a business for optimum Potential, Commitment & Performance.

Downsizing Darwin: An Intelligent Face for Evolution

A critique of Richard Dawkins’ book, RIVER OUT OF EDEN: A DARWINIAN VIEW OF LIFE, making the case for an intelligent direction in the evolutionary process.

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