The Therapeutics of Fasting – text only

The text only version of The Therapeutics of Fasting.

The Cascara Tree in BC

A Treatise on Thuja Occidentalis

The Botanic Pharmacopoeia

Collidum Crataegus

Elixir & Flavoring Extracts Formulae

History of the Vegetable Drugs of the USP

New Remedies


Quantity versus Quality

The Eclectic Alkaloids

A Treatise on Macrotys

A Treatise on Crataegus

Materia Medica & Clinical Therapeutics


A Treatise on Collinsonia Canadensis

Favorite Remedies Used in Treatment of Influenza

Stale Food vs. Fresh Food: The Cause and Cure of Choked Arteries and Related Problems

As the title suggests.

Medicine and Dialectics

Better known for his Essene Gospels, this 36 page booklet is early Székely. It was originally printed without any notice of copyright.

The Therapeutics of Fasting

As the title states.

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